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With thefts of motorhomes on the rise, with many of them not being recovered, put a stop to your vehicle going anywhere by installing a “Transponder Immobiliser”.


The very clever device is hidden within your vehicle and uses all plain wiring so not easily recognisable. It features a “Dual Cut” immobilisation circuit so that even if one circuit is reconnected, there is still a second one hiding away to prevent your vehicle being started and stolen.


You can decide whether to keep the keyring transponder on your keys or keep it stashed somewhere safe within the cab. The “Transponder Coil” that detects the keys can be located in the front somewhere private so that only you knows where it is – so even if somebody did gain access to your keys, starting your motorhome is not obvious!


This product is a must for any vehicle and is INSURANCE RECOGNISED as a Thatcham Category 2 Immobiliser. This alone will save you money on your insurance. If you combine this product with a tracking device you are in complete control of your costly investment!



Sterling Excel - Motorhome Thatcham CAT 2 Immobiliser

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