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Many of the motorhomes that visit us require a little bit of TLC to the sealant joins that keep all the panels, hatches and doors connected and watertight. Over time this sealant will deteriorate, break down and won’t be able to do its job correctly. This is the same principle as your bath tub at home (if you have one). Any areas that are constantly damp, get wet or can retain moisture will suffer and the result of this will be the sealant join showing mould/mildew and general dirt, grime and discolouration. This, not only looks nasty and will de-value your motorhome but will allow water to get in between panels and could cause issues.

 Before & After Pictures

The pictures above are a clear example of what sun, rain and general wear and tear can do to the roof, sides and fittings on your motorhome. To avoid an expensive repair, possible water ingress or unsightly seals, send us some photos of what needs doing on your motorhome or campervan and we will be able to give you advice and a quote for remedial works to get your home on wheels looking as good as new!


Prices start from £79.

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