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It doesn’t matter how much you’ve spent on your Motorhome or Campervan – one thing we all want to know is that when the heavens open, you and your kit will stay dry. We must all remember that these homes on wheels move, twist and vibrate on every journey so it’s inevitable that the joins/seals and joints will become worn and can eventually let water in!

For those of you reading this that don’t know, here are the main water ingress points:  

  • Window seals - whether poorly fitted/not maintained or damaged - they will all leak

  • Roof and wall joints. This where the side walls meet the roof and are sealed together

  • Roof lights, vents, tv aerials and solar panels.

Damp in my motorhome4.JPG

We’ve seen many vans that have failed a damp test but don’t have any obvious signs of water ingress – This is purely because the water leaking in may only be a dribble but over a length of time will do some serious damage to the timber and the main frame.


Motorhome builders use soft wood to keep the weight down but once water ingress has started this wood can perish very quickly and will need to be replaced by professionals otherwise the strength of the main body itself will be jeopardised. This is known as “Wood or Wet Rot”.


If left will turn into an expensive repair even possibly requiring the aluminium panels to be replaced too.


Here at Motorhome Retrofits we offer a full Damp Testing service that starts at £99 all the way up to £500 for a full vehicle inspection inside and out. Just for peace of mind or if you’re worried about your van or a smell that just won’t go away – get it booked in for a damp test and we’ll give you a report that you can store with the paperwork to prove that you’ve annually maintained it.

Motorhome Damp Testing with Motorhome Retrofits
Damp in my motorhome.jpg
Motorhome Damp Testing with Motorhome Retrofits
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