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Okay, we know this bit’s boring, but it’s got to be said, so here goes…


1.1 By purchasing from this site you accept the following terms and conditions with Motorhome Retrofits Ltd.

1.2 Motorhome Retrofits are now VAT registered from 1st March 2024 with VAT number: 460 2926 01.

1.3 Prices may vary according to quantities ordered and availability.

1.4 All products are subject to availability.

1.5 All offers and promotions are subject to availability and are valid until stated closing date, and may be withdrawn at any time without prior notice.

1.6 All images are for representation purposes only and may vary.

1.7 All prices are subject to supplier prices remaining constant, and can be changed at any time before point of sale.

1.8 This website is strictly for use by our customers, suppliers and authorised parties.

1.9 Misuse of our facilities including our card payment system ‘gateway’ will result in investigation and prosecution if found guilty.


2.1 Products & Services can only be purchased by debit card or bank transfer. We do not accept Credit cards due to the fees associated with them.

2.2 All funds must be cleared fully before goods are shipped. Any payment not made in full will result in goods not being dispatched.

2.3 The total cost of your purchase will be the price of the products you order, the delivery charge, plus any additional services you require.

2.4 Any remaining balances are to be settled on the day with a Debit card using our Card Terminal or via Bank Transfer. We choose not to accept any other forms of payment.


3.1 Delivery is subject to availability and lead times. Motorhome Retrofits Ltd will endeavour to despatch your order as fast as we can. Most orders are dispatched for delivery within 2-5 working days. However, please allow a maximum of up to 20 working days to receive goods in certain circumstances.

3.2 Please use the delivery details given to you at the time of order as a guide only. Do not make special arrangements based on the estimated time and date of delivery. We use third party couriers and are unable to guarantee a specific date or time.

3.3 We cannot be held liable for any delays or consequences of delays in the delivery of goods.

3.4 Please ensure that your address and contact details are correct at time of order.

3.5 If nobody is at home at time of delivery please collect your items from the delivery company, or alternatively arrange for somebody to receive it in your absence. If the goods aren’t collected within a certain number of days, the courier will return the goods back to us. In this instance a second delivery charge will be payable to Motorhome Retrofits Ltd as we will need to resend the goods.

3.6 At the time of delivery or collection you must check your parcel/s for any signs of damage. If the goods are damaged you must contact us within one working day and obtain a reference number.


4.1 All products are fully checked and verified before leaving Motorhome Retrofits Ltd.

4.2 We recommend that all products are fitted by a professional. Motorhome Retrofits Ltd do not accept any liability for damage caused by ill-fitting, misuse or negligence of any parts supplied.

4.3 Motorhome Retrofits Ltd will not replace or refund items that have been damaged as a consequence of ill-fitting, misuse or negligence.

4.4 To maintain your manufacturer’s warranty, correct installation procedures must be followed and to a suitable standard.


5.1 Motorhome Retrofits Ltd will offer a full refund on items that are returned to us – unopened and undamaged – within 7 days of when you receive the goods.

5.2 For a full refund to be given there must be no damage to any of the outer and internal packaging or equipment. In the case of opened items, or items that have damage to internal packaging or wrapping, we charge a minimum 15% handling fee.

5.3 Items that have been tested or used will be charged a minimum 25% handling fee.

5.4 If a product is returned to us with missing packaging or if any of the product’s equipment is absent, such as looms, remote controls, or instruction manuals, the customer will be charged the appropriate fee for the extent of the damage and/or loss.

5.5 The customer is responsible for the safe transit of all returned goods. If the items returned are lost or damaged during transit then the customer will be liable for all costs incurred.


6.1 All deposits paid are non-refundable and will need to be made via a Bank Transfer only.

When you pay a deposit you are paying in part for a product (or service). Paying a deposit shows that you intend to buy the item and it means you are entering into a contract with Motorhome Retrofits Ltd. There may or may not be a contract in writing, but doing it verbally still means a contract is in place, meaning there are obligations on both yourself and Motorhome Retrofits Ltd.


When you pay a deposit, you and Motorhome Retrofits Ltd agree:

  • the exact product or service that you are buying

  • the amount of deposit you pay

  • when and how the balance has to be paid

  • when the product or service will be provided


As the majority of our equipment is vehicle specific we have to order the equipment in based on Chassis / VIN Number. This could for example also include Spraying of Sensors. This means it would not be possible to install this into another vehicle without remedial works and cost.


Please do get in touch with us directly if you need more information or clarification. We’re happy to help where we can.


These terms and conditions do not affect your statutory rights as a consumer.

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