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Have a detachable towbar fitted onto your Motorhome or Campervan so you can tow a trailer or easily add bikes to use on your holiday. We fit both 7 & 13 Pin electrics to cater for all requirements! Get in touch with us for more information or a quote.


The Westfalia Automotive Detachable TowBar is one of the most popular towing systems on the market and is catered towards more high-end vehicles due to it’s removable operation.

In most cases a Tow-Bar is not needed everyday and only on certain occasions when it will be used. Towbars are not pretty when not in use so this system means that when it’s not needed, the main towbar neck can be detached and the electrics socket can be pushed out the way. When it’s all hidden away, you wouldn’t know the vehicle had a towbar system.


When installing the towbar we only use OEM Vehicle Specific Wiring which means that once installed we can code the vehicle to have a towbar. This means that when a trailer, caravan or cycle rack is connected the vehicle will deactivate the rear sensor system (See pictures) and monitor the lighting for any bulb faults. If the car is also fitted with other Trailer functionality this will activate also.


We can offer this system with 7 Pin or 13 Pin Electrics:

  • Single 7 Pin – Also known as 12N towing electrics are needed to power the lighting on a trailer, caravan, cycle carrier or anything you’re towing. (The single 7 pin electrics power left and right indicator and taillights, fog lights and brake lights.) If you don’t require any further power to your towing counterpart, the single 7 pin electrics socket will be your main choice.

  • Single 13 Pin – This is mainly for powering Caravan’s whilst traveling. All EU caravans post 2008 will be fitted as standard with a 13 pin electrics connector. This is essentially a 2-in-1 socket, it has all the capabilities as twin electrics in one rather than 2 separate sockets.

We find that typically most customer’s will go for a 13 Pin System as then the vehicle is covered for any towing need.


As part of our hand-over process at completion we will connect our TowBar Electrics Testing System to show you full operation and that the electrics are working as they should be.


If you are interested in getting a Detachable TowBar on your vehicle, please click the Contact Button at the top of the website and fill it in. We will run some compatibility checks with Westfalia to ensure the right system is installed into your vehicle and that it is compatible.

£799.00 – £849.00

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installed on a Brand New Westfalia Amunsden Campervan

installed on a VW Transporter T6.1

Please Note:

  • This is a Supply & Fit Option at our HQ in Poole, Dorset

  • The pictures are for illustration purposes only as each vehicle is specific and may require different equipment

  • Some vehicles may require a lower bumper cut if the vehicle does not already have “Tow-Bar” Preparation. The majority of these are classed as Non-Visible.

  • Other installers of this system may come in a lot cheaper but always check that you are getting a Genuine Westfalia System Fitted with OEM Specific Wiring. If your vehicle is still under warranty then you might want to consider the affect of fitting a universal wiring kit. Most warranties will specify that any tow bar wiring fitted must be equivalent to the wiring supplied by the vehicle manufacturer. Meaning, they prefer a dedicated wiring kit over a universal wiring kit.

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