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Multi-Function Display (MFD) For Your Motorhome & CamperVan. Features Big Digital Speedo, Altimeter, Elevation & more to keep yourself level when parked!

One of the biggest problems we heard about from owners is the pain of setting up when you go to a new site and making sure your Motorhome / Campervan is Fully level.

This system once installed will allow you to quickly and easily see if your Motorhome or Campervan is sat level with the easy to read display.


It also offers a great Digital Speedo which is quite common on New Modern Day Vehicles but isn’t seen too often on

Motorhomes that means you’ll always know a true GPS reading of your actual speed when driving.


As well as all the above it offers the following functionality through an easy to read display:

  • Digital Speedo

  • Elevation Altitude

  • Electronic Compass

  • Pitch Angle

  • Roll Angle

  • Temperature

  • Battery Voltage

  • Time


A really simple system that is easy to install and setup in your vehicle.

Motorhome & Campervan Multi-Function Display Upgrade

KNAUS VANSATION Retrofit 4G WIFI System & Antenna plus Twin USB Port and Multi-Function Dash Display

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