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Want to make the next 'step up' in retrofitting your Motorhome? Do you or your travelling companion struggle getting in or out of your Motorhome/Campervan? Worry no more. We have the perfect solution for you!

The Driver & Passenger Side Step Upgrade is a very popular retrofit that is compatible with most Fiat-based (FIAT Ducato), Peugeot Boxer and Citroen Relay Coachbuilt Chassis. This style can fit in either with a sliding door conversion or more comfortably a Motorhome with a small to large fairing. Generally, the Motorhome fairing does help to blend the side-step upgrade into the main bodywork of the Motorhome thus providing a more factory-style look however, this is not essential, nor overly noticeable and the practicality and functionality of the side step are never questioned or diminished.

These side steps are very resilient and can withhold heavy loads as they are fitted to the Motorhome's chassis.

These can ONLY be Supplied & Fitted at our Motorhome Retrofits workshop in Poole, Dorset.

*The price quoted is for a pair of steps*

Need a step up? Driver & Passenger Side Step Retrofit for Motorhome on a FIAT Ducato Chassis

The Motorhome Driver & Passenger Side Step Upgrade is Back Again! But on a Ducato Coachbuilt Chassis

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