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The Alpine iLX-702D features a native Digital Radio System and Bluetooth without the need of your phone to be connected. If you connect you Apple iPhone then you’ll gain access to Apple Carplay. If you’re more of an Android user then you’ll get the hugely popular Android Auto System.

One of the best things about this system is that as standard it doesn’t come installed with navigation which means you’re not instantly paying for an expensive system just to get this feature. If you want navigation then you simply connect your mobile device!


The iLX-702D digital media station offers ultimate media compatibility, superior navigation technology, and Alpine audio-quality sound. Complete compatibility with the latest smartphone devices such as the iPhone 7 and Galaxy S7 and lets you use  Android Auto  and  Apple CarPlay  applications on your 8-inch high-resolution touch screen ..

DAB + digital radio, USB video playback, HDMI connectivity and the latest Bluetooth technology are also built-in.


You even have several navigation options: iLX-702D includes the ability to navigate online with Maps with Apple CarPlay and Google Navigation with Android Auto. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto applications can access the Alpine navigation antenna for the highest possible accuracy when positioning.

Fitting Kits

For the VW Transporter T5.1 & T6 we have created our own Custom Fitting Kits that give you every extra you may need when installing it into your vehicle. This is a Premium Fitting Kit rather just a generic “Cheap” collection of items. As we have installed so many of these systems we have pulled together some of the best equipment available to give you that true finished look. We’ve also added our popular Aftermarket Wedge Camera. These can be added to your basket through the Tick Boxes above. Once ordered, we’ll be in touch to discuss your specific fitting kit.

VW Transporter T5.1 Kit:

  • Double DIN fascia

  • Aerial Adapter

  • Brackets & Single Pocket

  • Specific CANBUS Wiring Interface with Speed Pulse and Reverse Signal

  • Glass Mounted DAB Antenna with 12v Power Fly Lead


There is now a Second T5.1 Fitting Kit that will come with the T6 UART Interface. This is so that if your vehicle currently has “Optical Parking Sensors” you will retain this function.


VW Transporter T6 Kit

  • Double DIN Fascia

  • Aerial Adapter

  • Brackets & Single Pocket

  • Specific CANBUS (UART*) Wiring Interface with Speed Pulse and Reverse Signal

  • Factory GPS Antenna Adaptor

  • GPS Extension

  • Factory DAB Retention

  • Factory (SINGLE USB) Retention Kit (If you have USB & Aux you won’t be able to Retain this with the Alpine)


*The UART Interface allows a deeper level of integration displaying Factory Parking Sensors and Climate Control (Where compatible)


Aftermarket Wedge Camera


Alpine also have developed a range of Vehicle Specific Kits to ensure you get the best / OEM Fitting possible in your vehicle. Even if your vehicle isn’t listed below the iLX-702D is compatible with a wide range of Universal Fitting Kits.


Please get in touch with us if you need to arrange a Specific Fitting Kit.

  • Ford Transit Custom – (2018+)

  • Fiat 500 / Abarth (312)

  • Hyundai i30 (2017+)

  • Hyundai Kona (2017+)

  • Kia Rio (2017+)

  • Kia Stonic (2017+)

  • Mercedes Sprinter – S907 (2018+)

  • Volkswagen Crafter (2017+)

2x Avtex 219DSFVP Installed into a Hobby Premium Motorhome

Top Features:

WVGA high-resolution touch screen
The 7-inch (17.8cm) WVGA high resolution screen lets you fully control touch-screen technology and offers the ultimate video enhancement technology for outstanding picture clarity, contrast and resolution. This enables navigational charts to be displayed with stunning detail levels while movies and videos convert to the right kinomatographic experience. The user interface is very intuitive and designed for perfect integration into your vehicle. You can choose different colors of the screen and designs that best suit your taste and the car.


7-inch screen with 1 DIN enclosure
More and more vehicles offer a 7-inch or 8-inch screen control panel space, but there is no place to install 2DIN products behind the screen. The new SMART is an example of a vehicle with such a design. Alpine designed iLX-702D to overcome this problem by putting the 1DIN case behind a 7-inch screen. With the specific Alpine installation kits, you can achieve the perfect installation and original look.


Works with Apple CarPlay
The innovative iLX-702D with Apple CarPlay compatibility brings you a smarter way to use your iPhone on the go. Apple CarPlay gives iPhone device users an intuitive way to make calls, use maps, listen to music and access single word or touch messages. You can even enjoy it in Spotify, Internet Radio or Podcasts when you are on the go for a truly connected experience. Simply connect your iPhone that has CarPlay to the Alpine USB port and you are ready.


Works with Android Auto
Android Auto is designed with confidence in mind. With a simple and intuitive interface, integrated steering controls, and new powerful voice-controlled actions, I’m designing to minimize the attention of you so you can stay focused on the road. Android Auto automatically provides you with useful information and organizes them into simple tabs that only appear when they are needed. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto applications can access the Alpine navigation antenna for the highest possible accuracy when positioning.


DAB + digital radio
The built-in DAB / DAB + / DMB receiver uses the most advanced digital technology for delivering radio signals in outstanding quality, with no noise. DAB + also offers many other advantages over the classic FM radio: choose a much wider range of radio stations and after initial scanning, you can easily choose the desired channels by alphabet or by genre.


Connect the USB and HDMI sources
You can connect USB sticks and removable hard disks to play audio and MP4 video files. The iLX-702D is also equipped with an HDMI input to connect an optional DVD player DVE-5300 or any other portable media player with HDMI output. You can also connect your smartphone if an HDMI adapter for your model is available to enjoy the picture and video content on the Alpine display. (Requires additional cables and adapters). The INE-W710D also comes with HDMI output to connect the rear monitor system via HDMI.


Attention: HDMI output is a pass-through HDMI input so it can not be used to output USB video content, Apple CarPlay, or Android Auto content or display a navigation chart.


High-end sound adjustment options
The iLX-702D puts the power of advanced sound processing in your car with the BASS ENGINE SQ to maximize bass sound and overall tone balance plus a host of additional sound adjusting features such as digital time correction, digital X-over, and Dual 9-band Parametric EQ- And. Best of all, you can easily set them up from your smartphone device via Alpine TuneIt App. You also get Media Xpander, 24-Bit DAC and 3 Predictions (4 Volts).

High Definition Audio Playback
This Alpine device can play audio files in FLAC format – including 24/96 and 24/192 Hi-Res Audio compatibility.


Online navigation with Apple CarPlay
When you’re driving, Maps helps you find the way to your destination with voice-by-turn audio instructions and new, simpler visuals. When approaching the turn, the map is zoomed in to show you where exactly you need to go. By the way, big icons and arrows lead you in the right way and send feedback back in the required time. Looking for a petrol, a restaurant or a cafe on your route? The new navigation buttons on the navigation bar help you quickly find the closest places and estimate how long it will extend the way. If you press the navigation button physically on your iLX-702D twice, you activate Apple CarPlay navigation without a lot of menus.


Online navigation with Android Auto
Let Google Maps lead you. It’s easy to get to the right place with free voice-controlled navigation, live navigation, the guide to where the bar is the best ride, and more. Whether on the screen of your phone or in the vehicle display, Android Auto is designed with confidence in mind. Was designed with safety in mind. With a simple and intuitive interface, integrated steering controls, and new powerful voice-controlled actions, I’m designing to minimize the attention of you so you can stay focused on the road. The INE-W710D works flawlessly with Android Auto and Google Maps. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto applications can access the Alpine navigation antenna for the highest possible accuracy when positioning.

GPS and Glonass compatibility
More satellites mean greater accuracy and faster positioning. This Alpine product is compatible with GPS satellite signals and can receive positioning data from Glonass satellites. This gives many advantages, especially in urban environments with many high-rise buildings and driving near high mountains. When using navigation with Apple CarPlay and Glonn, you can also use this new, improved compatibility.

Built-in Bluetooth® technology
The built-in Bluetooth® module enables wireless connectivity of handsets for hands-free communication. A very intuitive user interface makes setting microphone and speaker level very simple. It also includes the speed dial function for the most commonly called numbers. Bluetooth® also enables audio playback from your phone: audio content or even an internet radio can be transmitted wirelessly to your Alpine unit.

Vehicle data bus connectivity
If your car is equipped with parking sensors, you can continue to use them with your iLX-702D. Alpine offers interfaces to connect the data bus to connect the navigation system to the vehicle. This allows for compatibility with steering wheel buttons, display of air conditioner settings, and parking sensor display. You can even see the navigation arrows in the multifunctional display in the instrument area (if the vehicle supports it).

Drive-Assist camera
The rear camera is a great way to make the drive back safely. The picture from the camera is automatically turned on when you switch it back in, and the distance guides that can be adjusted to match the dimensions of your vehicle appear on the screen to help safely park your car. Alpine offers a wide variety of front and rear cameras, including multi-view cameras that allow you to choose the viewing angle and touch control from your screen. You can simultaneously view the camera screen and the parking sensor.


Would it be nice to have an app that shows all your favorite phone numbers, radio stations, frequent navigational destinations and more in one look ?! Favorites are just that. Just hold the audio button for one second to activate the Favorite and you are ready!


Voice control
Press the VOICE button on your Alpine unit or on the wheel buttons (if supported) to activate SIRI or OK with Google. You can easily call people, enter navigation destinations, write and send messages or simply say a song or list of songs you would like to listen to – these are just some examples. This is a very practical way to run the Alpine system when driving!

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