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Advanced 360° HD Motorhome
Camera System

The Advanced 360° HD Motorhome Camera System gives you a full Birds-Eye View of your Motorhome whilst parking & driving.


The Advanced 360° HD Camera System is one of the only True High Definition (Full HD) 360° Camera Systems available on the market that gives you a quality 360° image of your Motorhome whilst you are driving.

Please note that due to every Motorhome & Campervan being different, the price of £3495 is a Guide Only Price. The exact price will be worked out based on your specific vehicle.

It utilises 4 individually mounted 1080P (Full HD) Cameras that give you an all-around “Real-Time” view of your motorhome whilst in motion. The system comes as standard with a 10.1” High Definition Screen that allows you to always have a 360° Overview as well as view either the Front or Rear Camera at all times. When your indicator is activated the system shows a live view of that side of the vehicle to help keep an eye out for any pedestrians, cyclists, motorbikes or cars that you may not have seen in your mirror.

This system is also teamed up with a 1TB Hard Drive which means much like a DashCamera this system is constantly recording your journey so that in the event of a crash or accident you can prove exactly what happened.

As part of the installation process at our HQ in Poole, we’ll explain how the system will be mounted specifically to your vehicle. Once installed we will calibrate the camera system to work as a True 360° High Definition System.

The Advanced 360° HD Camera System is a truly unique and bespoke system that is totally custom to yourself. The cameras come in either White or Black depending on your vehicle as well as a totally custom “Overview Image” that is specific to your vehicle (Which can be seen in the video).

Due to the nature of this system and how it’s installed, we can only facilitate installation down here in Poole, Dorset and will require the vehicle for a minimum of 3 days.

We would highly recommend that prior to purchasing you get in touch with us directly to discuss your requirements

  • Easy to use

  • Improved Driving Safety

  • Complete 360° view all around your vehicle

  • Safer and more confident driving with a full view of the vehicle and surrounding objects

  • Convenient shifting between views by remote control or trigger signal

  • Avoids bumps, scrapes and accidents

  • Makes even large vehicles easy to manoeuvre!

Humongous Hymer Motorhome Retrofit! 360 HD Camera System, Parking Sensors & Audio Transformation!!

Hymer Grand Canyon (2019) (Mercedes Sprinter) in for our Advanced 360° HD Motorhome Camera System!!!

Mega Motorhome Retrofit! Advanced 360° HD Camera System & Alpine Under Seat Sub & Amp into Carthago

Advanced 360HD - Motorhome HD 360 Degree Camera System

Please Note:

  • The Price quoted is a “Guide Price” for Supply & Installation. Your specific quote will be worked out accodingly.

  • This is a Fully Custom Installation Service and as such can only be facilitated here in Poole, Dorset.

  • This is not a Security or CCTV System like at home. It is a Parking and Driving Aid that allows for recording of footage whilst driving

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