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If your motorhome has come from factory without any parking sensors then this is a great and effective way of achieving this without breaking the bank.


This kit features 4 sensors at the rear and 4 sensors at the front, colour coded where applicable.

This system can be programmed to ignore tow bars or spare wheels meaning that you do not have the risk of false alerts.


As soon as reverse gear is selected, the ultrasonic sensors installed in the rear bumper are activated and detect any obstacles behind the vehicle. The driver is alerted to any obstacle behind the vehicle by a sound signal that gradually intensifies as the obstacle approaches, becoming continuous within 30 cm.


The Front System simply has a neat segment display with no audible tones unless requested and this is activated automatically once the foot brake is applied.

The price of £899 includes VAT and is for the "sliding door" vehicles as displayed in our pictures. 

For coach built motorhomes, the price is £999 including VAT supplied and fitted to cater for the extra work involved.

If you would like an independant switch fitted at the rear of the vehicle to disable the rear audible buzzer, this is an additional £79 including VAT (this is for vehicles with towbars, bike racks, vehicle towing).

Motorhome Front & Rear Parking Sensor Upgrade

Baltic Orange Adria Twin Supreme Motorhome gets some super additions inside and out!

The price of this system is for Supply & Installation here in Poole, Dorset.

Top Features

  • 4-Sensor System at the Front

  • 4-Sensor System at the Rear

  • 4-stage Rear Audible Warning Buzzer 

  • Front Visual Alert Light Bar System

  • Heavy rain proof design 

  • All weather design (-40°C>+80°C) 

  • Anti-false alarm patent 

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