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One of the most popular products that we supply and install for Motorhome owners are Single & Double USB Chargers by the bed and in the living area. In this day and age we have many devices with batteries that need charging. Whether it’s phones, tablets, torches or music devices – whilst away from home we depend on them and that normally means a big bundle of cables and wires that need plugging in somewhere. With our neat & tidy USB chargers all your worries are gone.


Front Fitting Single or Dual 5V USB Charger that offers 3A when charging (Max 1.5A per socket). Suitable For 12V & 24V Applications. Fitting Kit Includes 1.3m Fused Wiring, 30mm Drill Bit and Trim Tool Set. CE & E Marked.

USB Charging in your vehicle is more important than ever now due to the multitude of devices we own from Smartphones to Tablets. Our Dual 5V USB Charger offers 3A (Max 1.5A per socket) when charging which ensures that you get the fastest / safest charge time possible for your device.

This system is a Dual USB charging system that can be fitted anywhere you want where you don’t have access to behind the scenes, a good example is the top of your dashboard. It can be easily installed into any vehicle and allow both drivers and passengers to readily access power to charge any device connected via a USB lead.

This charger can be connected directly to both 12V and 24V systems without adjustment. The advanced electronic design will detect the charge status of the device and alter the charging process accordingly. This ensures that whatever device is connected, be it Apple, Android, iPad, phone or tablet, it will always be charged as fully as time and capacity allow.

There are lots of cheaper alternatives available online but through our testing it’s very rare that they offer what they claim in terms of the power outputs. There is also the issue that with cheaper chargers that they can cause interference with FM and Digital Radio systems. This charger is both CE and E marked to allow for interference free charging!

This charger also features automatic short circuit detection, so in the event of tampering or compromise, the unit will automatically shut down to protect not only you and your device but the vehicle it’s installed into. In event of catastrophic damage there is a built in internal fuse to safeguard you.

Rather than just provide you with the USB charger we have put together a full kit to allow you to fully install it yourself and no need to go out and purchase special tools. You can either have this charger running on Ignition only or all the time depending on the application. Includes 3 different front casings to get the correct colour for your vehicle.

Top Features

  • Suitable for 12V and 24V Systems

  • 3.0A (double) max 1.5A per socket

  • Automatic Shut-down in event of malfunction

  • Apple and Android compatible

  • LED output indicator

  • CE and E Marked

  • 3 Year Warranty

Hymer Yosemite Camper Socket Upgrades! Mains 3-Pin 240V Socket & 2X USB Charging Sockets

Dual USB Rear Fitting Kit Fitted into VW Transporter T6


  • Dual Port USB Charger

  • 3x Front Casing (Black / Dark Grey / Light Grey)

  • 1.3m Wiring Loom with Fuse Holder, 2A Fuse and Blade Connectors

  • 30mm Drill Bit

  • 4 Piece Trim Tool Set


Technical Info of Charger

  • Dimensions: Ø47 x 33; Hole Ø30

  • Weight: 27g

  • Input voltage range: 9-32Vdc

  • Output voltage: 5Vdc +/- 0.2V

  • Output Power: 3.0A (double) – max 1.5A per socket

  • Application: Charges all USB devices including Apple and Android

  • Transient voltage protection: Meets ISO7637-2 International standard for 12/24V vehicles

  • Output noise: <50mV pk-pk

  • Off load current (quiescent current): <1.7mA

  • Power conversion efficiency: 90%

  • Operating temperature: -25°C to +55°C

  • Storage temperature: -25°C to +100°C

  • Operating humidity: 95% max., non-condensing

  • Casework: Black polycarbonate body

  • Connections Input: 6.3mm push-in flat blade connectors

  • Output: USB type A single socket/double socket – tested to 10000 mating cycles

  • Output indicator: Blue LED output indication

  • Markings: CE and E (automotive) marked

  • IP Rating: IP30



  • 2014/30/EU The general EMC directive

  • Regulation 10 The automotive directive

  • 93/68/EEC The CE marking directive

  • AES5, ECE R118.02 and UL 94: V-0


Designed to: 

  • EN50498, EN61373 and ISO 7637-2


Please Note:

  • We always recommend professional installation where possible. Failure to install correctly could result in damage to the charger, your device or vehicle.

  • This is a Dual USB Charger only

  • For Front Fitting Only

  • Installation by us is available, please get in touch for more info


If you are looking for a commercial application / supply of these units in quantity then please get in touch with us directly

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