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Alpine Adventure Audio sound systems are designed to deliver excellent sound quality and match the needs of motorhomes and camping vans.

These systems feature new, innovative audio-technologies to achieve the best sound quality in your motorhome. Alpine offers a sound system upgrade in 3 stages for the Fiat Ducato 3 and the same platform of vehicles.

You can further improve the bass output and dynamic of your SWC-D84S subwoofer system by adding this 150 Watts power amplifier.

The amplifier itself can easily be installed in the compartment behind the cup-holder. There is also a wired bass remote knob included, that can be installed in the dashboard for quick and easy access to the bass power adjustment.

Compatible with Fiat Ducato 3, Citroën Jumper 2 and Peugeot Boxer 2.

Westfaila Amundsen Motorhome (FIAT Ducato) gets Mega Sound Upgrades - Eton Component Speakers + more

The Ultimate Fiat Ducato Motorhome Alpine Audio Upgrade

Top Features:

Recommended Power-Upgrade
The SWA-150KIT is a highly recommended upgrade for your SWC-D84S subwoofer system. By adding this amplifier kit, you complete the “Concert Ensemble” for your motorhome and you can enjoy great dynamics and exciting bass sound.


150 Watts Amplifier
The included amplifier features a max power output of 150 Watts. Each output channel drives one of the SWC-D84S’s voice coils, ensuring excellent dynamic and fast response speed. The amplifier is very compact and can be easily installed in the compartment behind the cup-holder.

Included Bass Remote
A bass remote knob allows quick access to the amplifier gain. The included controller gets installed in the dashboard and is connected by wire to the amplifier. This makes it very easy to adjust the bass according to the situation, such as driving on a noisy highway or when parked on a camping site.

Included Wiring Kit
The included wiring kit makes installation of the amplifier and adaptation to the radio very easy. Note that if you have an original wiring harness with 52pin connector, an additional ISO cable adapter is required (sold separately by 3rd party companies).

Alpine Adventure Audio – Sound Experience

We highly recommend to upgrade your Fiat Ducato to the Concert Ensemble (consisting of SPC-R100-DU 12 cm Radial Speaker System, SWC-D84S Subwoofer System and SWA-150KIT Power Amplifier Kit) for the best sound experience in your motorhome.

Check out the listing further down for more information.


  • Per Channel into 2 Ohms, 14.4V: 2 x 75W

  • Power Requirements: 14.4 V.DC (9 – 16 V allowable)

  • High Level Input with remote power on

  • Frequency response: 20 to 125Hz (+0/-3dB)


Compatible Cars

  • Fiat Ducato III (250) – 06/2006 Onward

  • Fiat Ducato III Facelift (250) – 2011 – 2014

  • Fiat Ducato III (290) – 2014 Onward

  • Citroën Jumper II (250) – 06/2006 Onward

  • Peugeot Boxer II (250) – 06/2006 Onward

Please Note:

  • Compatible with both original radio and aftermarket head units.

  • Only in combination with the Stage 1 and Stage 2 Alpine Fiat Upgrade System

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