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The Advanced BSA Is a Motorhome specific blind spot assist system that alerts you to vehicles in your “Blind Spot” whilst you are driving.


The Motorhome blind spot assist feature uses Microwave Radar (24Ghz) to detect other objects or vehicles alongside and behind your vehicle. The feature aims to alert you when it is and isn’t safe to change lanes, by assisting you in detecting obstructions in blind spot areas.

It’s common practice with most modern-day vehicles that they are becoming more intelligent with the the ADAS (Advanced Driver-Assistance System) Systems on offer. One that seems to be most used is the Blind Spot Assist Function.

However, we noticed that this type of technology is not offered on Motorhomes or Campers!

This system once installed features two Radar Sensors to the rear of the vehicle that will alert you in certain situations when a vehicle is in your Blind Spot. The alert is both visual and audible.

Advanced BSA - Motorhome Blind Spot Assist Upgrade

Top Features

Lane Change Alert

When your turn signal is on, you’ll hear an audible tone and see the LED light blink making it extremely easy to know whether or not you can make a safe lane change. The warning zone of the system covers left and right adjacent lanes with an estimated impact in less than 2 seconds.

Audio & Visual

Audio and visual alerts make it easier to be aware of your blind spots as you are driving.

Large Warning Zone

The warning zone of the system covers left & right adjacent lanes with up to 75 feet of range and is automatically activated.


Reliable Detection

Reliable detection even in areas with low reception such as tunnels or mountainous locations.



The Blind Spot Detection System is built to last in any weather and any time of year, it is ASTM D4329 tested for years of durability in the sun. All parts are available as service parts for replacement if damaged.

Please Note:

  • The Price quoted is a “Guide Price” for Supply & Installation. Your specific quote will be worked out accordingly.

  • This is a Fully Custom Installation Service and as such can only be facilitated here in Poole, Dorset.

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